quarta-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2018

Elan Noon - Blue


Don't tell me the sky is blue
Doesn't matter the amount of times
You say it won't make it true

Don't you know that i pity you
You with all your little bells and whistles
Singing two different tunes

Have you got nothing left to lose
Running round barefoot only mother knows
Where last you put your shoes
Don't you know that i envy you
You with all your slick abbreviations
For someone else's truth

Last baby tooth came loose
In that moment you did cry
And turn up to the night in search for clues
Of what you're coming to

Afraid to lose your youth
So you light a candle by the window
Wondering what is the use
Of letting it go through
The amount of time it takes for it to burn
Or for you to learn the truth
The world is telling you
That no matter what it is you do
You know you're always going to lose
That no matter what it is you choose to do
You're always going to lose

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